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IBMlib framework for Lagrangian simulations, simulation of physical-biological interaction and extraction of hydrographic parameters from hydrographic data sets. IBMlib is written in Fortran 90 and has been installed under different operating systems (Linux,Windows,Unix,Mac). IBMlib builds on a modular concept outlined in the figure below, where biological model, hydrographic model and simulation task are strictly decoupled and can be exchanged/modified/developed independently.

Modular concept of IBMlib

IBMlib comes along with a library of unified APIs for hydrographic formats, standardized tasks like Lagrangian simulations and connectivity calculations, and parameterizations of different species at different complexity levels. IBMlib is described in detail in this publication:

Asbjorn Christensen, Patrizio Mariani and Mark R. Payne
A generic framework for individual-based modelling and physical-biological interaction
PLoS ONE 13(1) 2018: e0189956.

IBMlib is free, open software which you can download at GitHub: